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How many times have you had a party and had a great time playing cornhole or ladder golf?  Those are both great games that can entertain about 4 people at a time.  I like to have more options so that everyone has plenty of things to do so you don’t end up with people feeling left out if they aren’t great at throwing beanbags into holes. I’ve made all of these games at one point or other and all have been a great hit.

Classic Favorites but Bigger!

Outdoor Dominoes – There are a lot of games you can play with dominoes or just set them up and watch them fall.

Giant Tic-Tac-Toe – A giant twist on this classic

Ker-Plunk Ball Drop Game – One of my favorites as a kid, now gigantic and even more awesome.

Yard Yahtzee – Rolling huge dice is tons of fun!

Giant Bananagrams! – This is a newer game but is an amazing way to get people running around.

Huge Connect 4! – Kids love Connect 4 and even adults love Huge Connect 4

Toss and Target Games

Gnome Lawn Bowling – They don’t have to be gnomes.  With a little artistic talent you can make them anything you want.

Pool Noodle Targets – Easy to make and a fun game of skill.

Angry Birds – This is simply amazing but takes some work. Get creative with your obstacles!

Cornhole – Everyone loves a good game of cornhole.  Decorate as your favorite sports team, or throw brains into zombie mouths.

Ladder Ball – One of my favorites.  The way the balls bounce all over make this game just as much about luck as skill.

DIY Mini Golf – If you have some time to prepare this is the coolest thing for a party.

Fun for Everyone

Outdoor Chalk Art – A great thing for impromptu hangman, pictionary, or amazing art.

Awesome Water Rocket – Yep, it’s awesome.

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