I’m so excited about this post!  I’ve been searching for a safe and natural alternative to the toxic store-bought laundry supplies and was never very satisfied.  I did find some good soap nuts on Amazon that have done really well for me over the past year.  It’s great, you just chuck some nuts in the wash and your clothes come out clean with a more natural smell.  Seriously, I love the smell of my clothes after using these soap nuts!

The only problem I have with soap nuts is that they don’t do quite as well as I would like on heavily soiled clothes.  If I spill something on my clothes or have some really dirty gardening jeans, they don’t quite get clean.

That’s why I’ve started making my own laundry detergent!

The nice thing about DIY laundry detergent is you can give it any smell you enjoy and it’s super cheap.  The main ingredients that you will need are:

You can also just buy the first 3 ingredients in one package that’s just the right size here

For more information about how to make the best DIY laundry detergent read more here

if you have a high-efficiency washing machine this recipe may be a better choice for you.


I also decided to go ahead and make my own fabric softener and dryer sheets!

I figured that if I was going to get rid of the chemicals in my wash, I should also rethink what I put in my dryer.

If you have old t-shirts lying around, all you need is a bottle of white vinegar.

I just use the same essential oil and follow these simple steps:

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To finish your new laundry overhaul with style, make these awesome labels!