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This is a bit of a departure from my usual healthy living posts but I’m obsessed with Pokemon right now.  I’m planning a Pokemon themed barbecue this weekend so I figured I should share some of my food ideas. Pikachu-shaped Cookies –  Just use this cookie cutter with your favorite Christmas or sugar cookie recipe.  Then color some frosting with black and red food coloring and paint on Pikachu’s cute little face and the tips of his ears.  If you want it to be a bit easier you can just make circles and frost them like pokeballs like this:

 Pokeball Pizza –  This is one of the easiest and most tasty ways to make a pokeball if you like pepperoni and olives.  You could even ask your local pizza place to custom make these since they’re so easy.  You could also use sausage if you don’t like olives.

 Pokeball Cake Pops –  Click here to watch an amazing video on how to make perfect Pokemon chocolate cake pops.

 Easy Pikachu Cake –  Make your favorite recipe for pound cake, yellow cake, or shortcake.  Cut an oval out of the finished cake, this oval should be as large as possible.  Shape ears out of the parts you cut off.  Frost with chocolate frosting and use strawberries or raspberries for the red cheeks.  Garnish with more strawberries or other fruit.  It should look like this:

Diglett Sausages – Some of the others take a bit of work but this one is about as easy as it gets.  Diglett is a lesser known Pokemon but is very recognizable.  Basically, just take a couple sausages or hot dogs, cut them in half and shove them into a pile of mashed potatoes.  Then use some mash to affix a couple of eyes made out of some seeds, greens, or really anything you find that looks like eyes.  You could also do something similar in a hot dog bun and use the condiments to keep the little digletts upright.  Digletts are one of the weirdest looking Pokemon but also the easiest to reproduce.  

 Pikachu Hamburger – Just make a normal hamburger and use some tortilla chips for the ears.  Either burn or use black food coloring to color the tips of the chips.  Then use food coloring for the face and ketchup for the cheeks.  It’s super easy and will make the Pokemon-lover in your family really happy.  

 Pokepasta –  Make your favorite pasta.  Organize your pasta on a plate so that the bottom half is all pasta and the top half is marinara.  Use the same process as with the hamburger above to make a hamburger bun top look like Pikachu and then put it on the pasta plate.  The result is a really cool Pokeball with a Pikachu face. 

Fruit Pokeball – Just arrange strawberries, blueberries, and bananas on a plate in the shape of a pokeball.  Or, you could make a fruit pizza if you want a great dessert.

Pokeball Snack Tray – Buy any white circular snack tray and paint half red.  Then paint a black stripe down the middle and you have a pokeball.  Put red snacks in the red part and white or yellow snacks in the white part.  

Other Ideas – Use Doritos and label them ‘Charmeleon Chips’.  Use pink jello as Jigglypuff Jigglers.  Cheetos can be Charizard Fire Balls.  Any blue liquid could be Squirtle Spit.  Just go through a list of Pokemon and use your imagination to come up with your own!

With a little planning and a bit of hard work you can have an amazing spread of Pokemon themed food.  Leave a comment below and let me know what type of Pokemon food you’re making.  Or just let me know the highest power Pokemon you’ve caught so far.

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