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Seed Calendars!  – These calendars have seeds embedded in them so when you are done with a page you can plant it and grow wildflowers!

Sasquatch Soap – All natural and strong enough to clean a yeti.  Would make a great White Elephant gift that someone can actually use!

It’s a Christmas Miracle! – Okay, so maybe not a miracle.  This miracle salve does work wonders though.

Hydroponic Grow-Bottle – The easiest way to get started with hydroponics.  Makes a great gift for someone with a green thumb.

Body washes and lotions – I love these organic body washes that are much healthier than spreading a bunch of chemicals on your body.

Put these on Top of All Your Gifts – Just wrap your presents and put these on top for a personal touch that is beautiful and useful.

Bamboo Picture Frames – Beautiful and sustainably grown bamboo made into a personalized gift.

Box of Love – Don’t know what to get a loved one?  Give them a variety of green products delivered every month!


Beeswax Candles – Long-lasting, natural, excellent smelling candles that won’t break the bank.

Socks!!!!!  –  Okay, maybe not the most exciting gift, but everyone needs them.  These are organic and fair-trade so give a sock, save the world

Wine – This helpful guide shows you lots of ways you can get and give cheap wine.  Everyone needs more wine!

Get this for your Furry Friend!  –  Your dog will absolutely love these

Groupon Gifts – I love Groupon for inexpensive gifts.  I like their organic teas, natural skin care products, and if you want to splurge give someone a great getaway!

NRDC Donation – For someone who is hard to shop for, just donate to a cause in their name.  Save a sea turtle or plant a tree in Costa Rica in their name.


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