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If you’ve never tried crepes you are in for a treat.  They are pretty easy to make but look and taste pretty fancy like you’re eating at a Parisian cafe.  They are very versatile: you can eat them for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and don’t be afraid to swap out some ingredients to make your own recipes.

Breakfast Crepe

This is my new favorite breakfast food.  Before I found these I would always whip up some scrambled eggs and bacon every morning.  Now, with about the same effort I have a much tastier meal.  The browned butter on the light crepe wrap is the perfect addition to my morning eggs! As a bonus, I find that I feel more full and satisfied after eating these than I ever did with plain scrambled eggs.  Give them a try, you will not be disappointed.  Continue Reading . . .

Lunch Crepe

It has always been difficult for me to find good lunches that I don’t get sick of.  I used to just settle for sandwiches with lunch meat, but for the past couple years I’ve been trying to eat healthier.  I tried salads and various vegetable dishes, but never felt like it was a real lunch.  That’s when I found these two great recipes for lunch crepes.  At this point I pretty much eat variations of these recipes every workday.  It’s great because you can mix up which veggies or meats are in these and never get sick of them.  So delicious!  The first recipe (click here)  is my favorite way to use up leftover meat and veggies from the night before.  I swap the steak for leftover chicken and even fish sometimes and it’s always great.  The second recipe (click here) is probably my favorite lunch of all time.  Sometimes I add some diced pepper or thin apple slices for a little spicy or sweet kick.  Don’t miss out on these!

Dinner Crepe

I’ll keep this short.  I’ve tried dozens of crepe recipes (it was a bit of an obsession) and this is my favorite crepe recipe for dinner.  It is filling, delicious, and pretty darn healthy.  It takes me about an hour to put it all together and it’s totally worth it.  Continue Reading . . .

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