It’s tomato time!

Many people planted their tomato plants in the spring and are already enjoying a great crop of tomatoes.  However, it’s not too late to plant a few tomatoes even in July!

If you’re here in the spring the best thing you can do is to buy some seeds and start them indoors soon!  I get my heirloom tomato seeds from here.  They have tons of types of tomatoes but don’t be overwhelmed.  Be whelmed and just grab some beefsteak, roma, and cherry tomatoes and then get a little bit crazy and grab a pack of their rainbow heritage mix for some extra color.  Or if you have the room and want some tomatoes to share with neighbors get the 15 variety pack to cover all your bases.  I get super excited when I start growing my tomato and pepper varieties every spring, there are so many cool types to try!

TheHomesteadGarden has the most complete information about how to grow and care for your tomato plants.  Bookmark the site and check out all her other informative posts.   What a great resource! Now, let’s get to the tips for taking your tomatoes to the next level.

My favorite tip that has helped my tomatoes thrive this year is to bury the stems all the way up to the first leaves so that more roots can start growing right away.  Check out these 10 other tips for starting your tomatoes.

Once you have your tomatoes started you’re going to need a few more pointers to keep your tomatoes growing into juicy red treats.  Here are 20 more tips for growing the perfect tomatoes.